What is computer network? All types of Computer network

Computer Network is simply a group of computers that are connected together to form a network. As the technology is changing day by day. Everyone is trying to get cheap, best and reliable thing for communication. As the first computer network was built in 1960.

These devices connect through wire/cable and wireless. Computer network does not mean to make slaves to all other node or computer. It is only made to help or share the resources for the development of human. Computer network help to communicate all over the network devices.

Any network is always able to meet certain activities that show its working as given below.

  • Performance
  • Reliability
  • Scalability

As many questions arise in your mind about some network

What is WAN network?

What is MAN network?

What are computer network and its types?

All questions are answered as you can see below.


Types of Computer Network:

There are some types of computer network that help to understand the network.

Personal Area Network:

PAN stands for personal are network. It is a computer network that is used for one person. The range of this network is less than all other networks. It can be in meters.

Examples of PAN:
  • Wireless keyboards
  • Smartphone
  • TV Remote
  • Wireless Printers
  • Bluetooth
  • Fire-Wire
  • Zig-Bee
  • Ultrawideband
Advantages of PAN:
  • There is no need of extra to set up PAN.
  • Easy connect to many devices at a time.
  • Affordable price.
  • It is easy to use PAN Network.
  • It is reliable, secure and portable.
Local Area Network:

LAN stands for local area network. It is the most common network use all over the world for communication. But it covers more area than PAN but less than WAN. Usually, this network is used in home, offices, etc.

 Advantages of LAN:
  • Resource Sharing is easy over LAN.
  • You can share Software Applications Sharing.
  • This is easy and cheap.
  • All data is centralized.
  • You can share internet using LAN network.
Metropolitan Area Network:

MAN stands for Metropolitan area network. It is larger than LAN but less than WAN network. So it helps to connect different networks with the help of LAN. Many LAN connects together to form MAN network.

Advantages of MAN network:
  • Less expensive
  • Sending local emails
  • High speed than WAN
  • Sharing of the internet
  • Conversion of LAN into MAN is easy
  • High Security
  • MAN’s provide high-security level.
Wide Area Network:

WAN stands for wide area network. It is a computer network that helps to cover a large area than LAN, CAN, and PAN.

Examples of WAN:

All the below companies and organization are using WAN for communication all over the world.

  • Airline companies use WAN
  • Stock brokerages communicate over WAN
  • In developing countries railway tickets reservations counter is using WAN
  • Telecommunications companies such as Airtel
  • Satellite systems of all countries.
  • Many cable companies using WAN
  • Network providers such as the internet.
Advantages of WAN network:
  • It covers a large area
  • It has centralized data
  • You can get updates form of files and data
  • A lot of application to exchange messages
  • Sharing of software and resources
  • Global business
  • High bandwidth
  • Distribute workload

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