How To Download Facebook Data and History

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Facebook is the most popular Social Media platform and we all know that very well. But do you know that each and every information you gave on Facebook is stored in Facebook’s server?

Do you ever think that what information Facebook has collected from you? Well, it’s a very simple matter and can be known within a few minutes. You can download facebook data of your account.

Yes, You can download your whole facebook data and history. You may forget what you have put a years ago or a few years ago but Facebook never forget that. You can easily download facebook data of your account within a few minutes.

There might be a question in your mind that what kind of data am I talking about? Well, My simple and straight answer will be that whatever you do on Facebook can be downloaded very easily like posting something, giving likes or reactions on someone’s post, photos, videos, comments, groups, pages, even all of your messages that you have exchanged with other people, your all call history, security details and many more important things you can download.

So what is the process to download facebook data and history?

Okay, In this content I will let you know about the process of how to download facebook data. Let’s see the process and do it step by step.

Let me clear one thing first that all users can request for download their data but it’s only possible in desktop mode. You have to do it in a desktop or laptop by a browser. You can’t download facebook data via the mobile app.

  • First what you have to do is, log in to your facebook account.
  • Then go to the settings
  • And then got to your Facebook information and click on download your information


  • After that customize your date and files that you want to download and click on Create File



  • You will get a mail on your e-mail address like this one.



  • Facebook will take some time to create the files. After that, they will send another e-mail when your files are ready. Most of the time it takes half an hour. But sometimes they do it faster or take more time.
  • I personally, got the file about half an hour later. So it totally depends on Facebook that how much time it will take.
  • Finally, after the confirmation mail go to your available files to check and download facebook data of your account.



  • When you click on the download option you will be asked for your facebook password to confirm that it’s really you.



  • When the download completes then you can unzip the folder and access to your files.

Hope that helps everyone. Isn’t it easy? I think it’s the best easiest way to download facebook data and history of your account. So what are you waiting for, Try to do download your own data to know about the previous activities of the facebook account? And one last important thing is that try to keep the downloaded file to a safe place because I understand the privacy of your personal data.

If anyone has any question about this you can ask me through the contact page. Thanks for your time guys. Keep visiting to get the latest Tech Tips Tricks.


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