Tricks About Changing The Color Of Command Prompt In Windows 10

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Hello everyone, I hope all are well. Today I will discuss about an interesting topic, which you may not know about this. You might have noticed in the title that I am going to share the tricks about “How To Change The Color Of Command Prompt”

I think we all are familiar to the command prompt windows. And everyone knows how does it look. Obviously, something has come across your mind that it has a black background with white text, Which we are watching from the invention of the computer. I also want to clear one thing that this trick may know many people. But I have written this for the newbie’s or who don’t know about how to change the color of command prompt.

The design of this app isn’t so neoteric, so we can’t do anything about it but we can modify or change the color of the command prompt.

So, let’s get started to see “How To Change The Color Of Command Prompt”

At first, we will see the default color of the command prompt. Then we will discuss about the process of changing it.

Here is the default-


We are going to change the color of this command prompt. You have to follow the below techniques step by step.

  • Click on the Start Menu or search Icon

You can click on the start menu and then you will find search menu or in “windows 10” you will find the search option beside the start option



  • Type “cmd” and press “Enter”




  • Click on “command prompt” app to open

Command prompt image 3



  • Then click right on the title bar of a command prompt with your mouse

Command prompt image 4


  • From there, select properties

Command prompt properti image
Then, you will see the following windows screen on your computer

Command prompt 5


  • Then click on the color tab to change the color

Command prompt image 6

In the colors tab, you will find many options like Screen Text, Screen Background, Popup Text, Popup Background. You can customize with your favorite colors and texts with these options. You can also insert your own RGB values in the box.

Command prompt 7 image


In addition, you will also able to change the screen text and text color as well. Text size can be also changed in the option. moreover, you can change the font type and font style. The layout can be also changed with a single click.

Another cool option is that you can change the command prompt opacity.

opacity image

You can set a high mistiness in the event that you pick appropriately brilliant content hues. And many other options you will find in the options menu. Try to change and select your favorite options from there

Thus, you can make your command prompt app very easily. I hope you can now do this with your single hand. And I will try to share more tricks about command prompt in future. So keep in touch to get the latest tips about command prompt app.  Please let me know if you have any question about it. I will try to answer your question in short.


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