How to Align Sales & Content Marketing Teams

Before going to the article, we would like to tell that many points in this article will be based on Case Studies. The reason, our loyal readers find it easy to understand new information related to the technology trend. So, without wasting your valuable time, let us focus on how to align sales and content marketing teams.

Case Study

Let us imagine, you are a businessman having a company which offers house cleaning services in Mumbai for the entire city. Your company is popular, but to become the leader in the market, you have collaborated with one of the best start-ups offering house cleaning in Mumbai. You started as a small company but now it has attained a significant share of the market. You also have a content marketing and sales marketing team in place. But of late, you find that many differences have cropped up between the two. In fact, many believe that marketing teams are related to fieldwork whereas content marketing is related to benchwork. To be honest, the view is wrong, and it depends on the company.

If the sales team does not give proper details to the marketing team, then the latter will find difficulty in finding the target audience. And if the marketing team does not make enough revenue, then there will be no point in having the content marketing team.

To be honest, in every company, the teams are often at loggerheads with each other. The Sales team point the finger at the marketing team because of the lack of leads. On the marketing team, the marketing team will blame the Sales team when the leads do not get converted to loyal customers. So, the more they fight, the less revenue for the company. As per a survey, it is only in 46 percent of the companies, that the sales and marketing teams work together.

To get the best ROI from their company, the marketing and sales team should have an understanding of the management goals to work together. And in this article of how to align sales & content marketing teams, let us focus on the three-step guide.

1. Make Communication Easy

The first important aspect is to bring an understanding between the two teams. If you put the two teams in a room, and ask them to give the results at the end of every month, they will end up pointing fingers with each other. Instead, let the two teams work together. You can put the two teams in a single big room. Any doubts, one team member will clarify with the other.  

Do both the teams work in separate rooms? Then ask them for interaction with Skype or Slack. You can also make groups in Google Chat for better collaboration and understanding.

And there is a need to be strict for some occasions. Any rapid decisions that need to be taken in an emergency should have a certain time frame. The leaders of both teams need to take a cue in practicing certain guidelines.

2. Content Creation

Okay, so the content marketing team prepares the banners, posts and the articles. What is in it for the Sales team? There lies the secret. It is the Salespeople who know the questions asked by the customers (target audience), their requirements and solutions. So, if the sales and marketing team can work together, then with the help of social media platforms, customer engagement and interaction will grow, get converted to leads, and finally generate revenue for the company.

Try to bring the sales and content marketing teams to create content. And writing articles is not content. There are other forms such as infographics, videos, and podcasts.

3. Do Not Forget To Update The Content

Let us discuss the topic based on three case studies.

A. First Case Study

Your company in Mumbai offers laundry services at the customer doorstep. You have a loyal customership of a hundred houses. To grow more, you are also enlisted as a vendor with a start-up which provides laundry services in Mumbaiand also home appliance repairs (for the entire city). You also have put the content marketing and sales team in place. Now, if a new service is introduced by the sales team to the customers, then the content team should have the content written and posted on the website. The reason, when the sales team pitches to the customer, they will definitely search on the website. And if the services are not there, imagine the plight of sales professional.

B. Second Case Study

It is about the prices and special segments. There are chances, special offers and discounts are offered by the Sales team. Even the content team needs to get notified, and they need to make the changes on the website. Or else, the salesperson will look at a poor picture in front of the customer.

C. Third Case Study

There is the requirement of a proper content management system in your organization. Please note, that articles as well as posters, banners need to be saved in versions with the date. Then you

can keep records properly arranged. Or else, every banner/poster/image will be lying haphazardly in the database.


Have you read the last paragraph? Then we have come to the conclusion of our article. The final point is the statement. Only when the Sales team and content marketing team work together in unison, then your business will grow.

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